How much free time will I have?

We believe down time, time with friends and space to "just be" is really important during the summer. If you like to be busy, we have optional activities most evenings and weekends but you are also free each evening to just do your own thing. Go for a walk, enjoy the beautiful campus, use the campus facilities or just hang out with new friends.

What other activities are available?

We have a program of optional activities most evenings and on the weekends. This includes Open Mic Nights, Film Nights, Yoga and Meditation There is a full sports track for use on campus as well as a fitness centre and swimming pool.**

**Please note that facilities use and activities may be subject to Covid-19 restrictions and closures.

Can I arrive early/late?

Yes, you may arrive/depart up to 2 days late or early on the program but we encourage you to try and do the full dates!

What are the accomodations like at Westmont?

Great! Students are housed in double rooms with shared bathroom facilities. There is one bathroom with multiple showers for every 6 students. Students are separated by gender and by floor. There are common room spaces on each floor, a large common room with TV/lounge facilities and free Wifi throughout campus.

What is the food like at Westmont?

Amazing! The Westmont College Dining Commons serves a variety of meals from around the world, differing every day with many options to choose from. There is also the option to ‘build your own’ meals at various hot food lines, salad bars, and sandwich bars including lots of healthy options and vegitarian dishes.

What are the travel arrangements to the program?

Students can be dropped off on campus by a parent/gaurdian or arrive by air into SBA Santa Barbara airport ONLY on arrival day where they will be met by a member of staff and taken by private transport to Westmont College campus.

What does a typical day look like?

Breakfast: 8:00-8.45AM Group Meet Up: 9.00AM Morning Class Session: 9.30-12.30PM (Morning Break: 11.00-11.20PM) Lunch: 12.30-2.00PM Afternoon Session: 2.00-5.00PM (Afternoon Break 3.30-3.50PM) Dinner: 5.30-6.30PM Optional Evening activities: 7.00-9.30PM In residence at 9.30PM In rooms at 10.00PM Room checks 10.00-10.30PM Lights out 10.30-11.00PM

What is the supervision like on the program?

The program maintains a rigorous schedule and structure and students are given independence within that structure. Faculty and staff are present with students during class times and staff is on call 24 hours in case of emergency. Students are allowed independence on campus during evenings and free time with a nightly check in at 9.30PM and room checks at 10pm.

What is your policy about cell phones?

You are allowed to have your cell phone at the program but not allowed to use it to class. There is a safe "parking zone" for your phone in each studio/classroom space where you can put your phone at the beginning of class and pick it up at the end or you are welcome to leave your phone in your room.

Can/should I bring a laptop?

You can and should bring a laptop if you are in a class that involves writing and/or film/editing. We will contact you in advance to let you know what software you should download on your laptop.

Should I bring my own art supplies?

There will be a required materials list sent out 8 weeks before the program start date. You are also encouraged to bring materials you like to work with. Special papers and canvases can be purchased on the program and materials can be ordered on your behalf to be delivered if necessary.

What are the field trips?

We will aim to have two full days down in Santa Barbara to explore the shopping, restaurants and have some beach time as well as a trip to the SB Museum of Art and Getty Museum.