• Fees are payable via direct debit through GOCARDLESS (FAQs about GOCARDLESS)

  • Members sign up to a monthly subscription (12 equal payments per year)

  • We do not provide facilities for weekly, cash, cheque or part payments

  • Choirs meet for 35 rehearsals per year and terms range from 10 - 13 weeks

  • Monthly fees are pro-rata covering 3 terms per year. 12 equal payments.

Daytime choirs cost £24.00 per month
Evening choirs cost £29.00 per month

PRICE includeS:
  • All sheet music 
  • Free audio downloads and weekly practice notes
  • We do not charge visitors for a taster session
  • Access to the members area
  • Multiple performance opportunities
  • 1x FREE taster per singer. All subsequent rehearsals are payable

term dates: 2020 


West Ealing Choirs

South Ealing Choir

Spring 2020

(11 WEEKS)

1/2 term 17th February

West Ealing Daytime Choir Monday 13th January - 30th March

West Ealing Evening Choir Tuesday 14th January - 31st March

South Ealing Evening Choir Thursday 9th January - 2nd April


(11 WEEKS) 

1/2 term 25th May

West Ealing Daytime Choir Monday 20th April - 6th July

West Ealing Evening Choir Tuesday 21st April - 7th July

South Ealing Choir Thursday 23rd April - 9th July


(13 WEEKS)

1/2 term 26th Oct

West Ealing Daytime Choir Monday 7th Sept - 7th December

West Ealing Evening Choir Tuesday 8th Sept - 8th December

South Ealing Choir Thursday 10th Sept - 10th December 

Hillingdon Choir

Spring 2020

(12 weeks)

1/2 term 17th Feb

Tuesday 7th January - 31st March

summer 2020

(10 weeks)

1/2 term 25th May

Tuesday 21st April - 30th June

autumn 2020

(13 weeks)

1/2 term 26th Oct

Tuesday 8th Sept - 8th December